Our flavors:

VANILLA CREAM SODA. We use the finest real vanilla for Pelican Punch™ vanilla cream soda.

KURSE BREW™ SWEET TEA. Kurse Brew™ sweet tea is a classic, Yankee-sweetened iced tea. This ain’t Savannah. It’s sweet but not diabetic coma sweet.

SARSAPARILLA SODA. Made with sassafras root extract, Pelican Punch Sarsaparilla Soda tastes a bit more exotic than root beer. Worthy of its unspellable name.

ROOT BEER. With hints of vanilla, anise, and honey, this root beer is a Garden State smash.

DIET ROOT BEER. That rare diet drink that kinda almost tastes as good as the leaded version.

LEMONADE. G-d save lemonade and all the different varieties.

KURSE ROAST™. Kurse Roast™ iced coffee has a deeply delicious, rich espresso flavor.

BIRCH BEER. Birch Beer is a Jersey thing. (Pennsylvania, too, but you get the point.) Refreshing, with a hint of minty sweetness. Its name derives from the fact that it was originally made from the extracts of tree barks — birch, oak and pine barks.

Our story:

Pelican Punch was a brand originally developed by Celestial Seasonings, the Boulder-based $100 million tea company that made Red Zinger and Sleepytime into household names. Celestial Seasonings was founded by legit Colorado hippies, who came up with utterly delightful herbal teas (which are more accurately called “tisanes”) and iconic art that perfectly fit the vibe of the company.

Then they sold out to Kraft in 1984 and were nearly purchased by Lipton. The DOJ intervened on antitrust grounds, but the very thought of Lipton, the world’s blandest company and least drinkable tea, buying a quirky and eccentric little brand is almost too horrible to contemplate. Somewhere along the way, Celestial Seasonings abandoned its Pelican Punch flavor. In 2016, a spokesperson for the company said of Pelican Punch and Cinnamon Rose, another discontinued varietal, “Sadly, they weren’t as popular as many of our other teas.

Pelican Punch became what’s known in b-school as a “zombie brand.”

But the concept—and that sublime, perfect name, Pelican Punch—were too good to allow to vanish beneath the sands of time. Ten grand on a great IP lawyer and boom! A great brand lives again.

The tea itself retains enough fans that the current blendmaster at Celestial Seasonings, Charlie Baden, occasionally whips up a batch of Pelican Punch (or other Celestial Seasonings zombie brands like Lemon Mist and Cinnamon Rose) for old fans. The original Pelican Punch had a chamomile and mint foundation, with harmonic notes of carob and licorice, perfect for a brand aimed primarily at children.

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